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Stiwdio Pwy? Who's Studio? Gareth Griffith 07.05.20

07 May 2020 - 31 Aug 2020

Start Time: 6:30pm - End Time: 23:59 | Ar-lein | Online | AM DDIM | FREE

Stiwdio Pwy? Who's Studio?

A new series of videos from CARN, is a very special opportunity to see behind the curtain and see some of CARN's artists working within their studios.

For further information or to take part of 'Stiwdio Pwy?'/Who's Studio? contact CARN via email:

A new video will be shared each Thursday


Addas i Bawb | Suitable for All

Stiwdio Pwy? Who's Studio? Gareth Griffith

We start this new series with a very special film with artist Gareth Griffith. Gareth is a renowned artist in Wales and beyond. Here he discusses his working style his influences and what his studio means to him.

Film in English.

This video shared with CARN thanks to artist Gareth Griffith and the project AIL-WNEUD / AIL-DDYFEISIO RE-TAKE/RE-INVENT

Interview, filming and editing by Andrew Smith. AIL-WNEUD / AIL-DDYFEISIO RE-TAKE/RE-INVENT is a project exploring the creative process in studio practice as new work is made from a starting point of the art collection at the National Museum in Cardiff. The interviews look at the project work and consider what role the studio plays in the making of art. The project blog can be found at